Ross Laing

Positive Role Model Award

Positive Role Model Award for Disability: Sponsor - OVO Group

Entrepreneur of Excellence Award: Sponsor - Kantar

Entrepreneur of Excellence Award: Sponsor - Kantar

Nominee Profile

Location: Warrington
Ross, the co-founder of Stand Out Socks, embodies courage, resilience, and a vibrant spirit. Born with Down Syndrome, Ross has never been one to shy away from standing out in a crowd. With the unwavering support of his big brother, Christian, Ross ventured into the world of entrepreneurship to create something truly remarkable.

The journey of Stand Out Socks is deeply rooted in Ross's personal experiences. After facing difficulties in finding meaningful employment post-education, Ross found himself navigating the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.
As someone particularly vulnerable to the virus, Ross spent a year in isolation with his parents, which understandably took a toll on his confidence and independence.

However, in 2021, Ross emerged from isolation with newfound determination, thanks to the support of his family and the opportunity to join forces with Christian in a family business. Together, they embarked on a mission to create a business that not only celebrated individuality but also raised awareness about Down Syndrome and advocated for inclusivity.

Stand Out Socks was born out of this vision. Launched in October 2021, during Down Syndrome Awareness Month, the company quickly became a symbol of resilience and determination. Guided by strong ethical values, Stand Out Socks offers premium unisex socks that reflect Ross's vibrant personality and embrace a touch of eccentricity.

Through their colourful and unique designs, Stand Out Socks serves as more than just a sock company—it's a platform for fostering awareness, acceptance, and inclusivity. Ross's journey, serves as an inspiration to all, proving that with courage and determination, anything is possible. Stand Out Socks are changing perceptions and making the world a brighter, more inclusive place, one pair at a time.

Why should you vote Ross?

✅ For years Ross couldn’t get a job… so with a little help from his family, he launched a company that created one for him - Stand Out Socks ✌️🧡🧦

✅ At Stand Out we have created further paid roles for other individuals with Down Syndrome and hope we are helping people open lots of other doors, by showing what is possible when companies choose to find the ability.

✅ Stand Out socks have helped to create a DS football team at Burnley FC in the Community and the Leicester Tigers DS rugby team. We’ve also helped with funding for the Brentford Penguins FC.

✅ Through the sales of Stand Out Socks we have helped raise over £15,000 for local
and national charities.

✅ Stand Out has brought disability inclusion under the spotlight, appearing in BBC Dragons Den and gaining investment from Steven Bartlett & Peter Jones.

✅ Stand out socks have sparked lots of amazing conversations worldwide and built an amazing online community to help spread awareness of Down Syndrome.

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It would mean everything to him and he deserves nothing less.