Community Organisation Award

Community Organisation Award for Gender

Nominee Profile

Location: Durham
TechUP is a trailblazing initiative focused on training women and non-binary people from underserved communities, enabling them to enter tech careers through our flagship TechUPWomen courses.

Co-designed with industry, businesses, and non-profit organisations, programmes include personalised training in relevant tech-skills, one-to-one mentoring, empowerment, and confidence-building.

Since 2019, TechUP has changed the lives of hundreds of women. It is based on a two-pronged collaborative approach: Designed specifically to meet the needs of women from underserved communities, with diverse backgrounds and learning styles, it fits flexibly alongside work and family commitments. At the same time, our close collaboration with industry means we can align our programmes with industry needs and target their specific skill shortage areas as they arise. TechUP has achieved excellent social impact alongside outstanding feedback from its graduates. 

In a world which is becoming reliant on technology and where many people are being left behind, our innovative format offers a tailored programme that helps to close skills gaps and shortages and improve social mobility in underserved groups that are traditionally the hardest to reach.