NDA23 Winner Interview: Sylvia Mac

26th February 2024

Sylvia Mac

How did it feel when you received the email to advise that you had been nominated for a National Diversity Award?

When I received my nomination, I was so excited and amazed. I had no idea that I was put up for an NDA Award. 


After the excitement of the shortlist announcement and after patiently waiting for the final result, how did you feel when it was announced that you were the official winner of the Positive Role Model Award: Gender?

After being Shortlisted and waiting to hear whether I’d won an award or not was the most exciting but difficult thing to do. At the awards ceremony, I had Katie Price and her children awarding my category for positive role model for gender. I began filming the board while all the names were being called and convinced myself that someone else would win. Finally Princess called my name and my sister screamed in my ear. I was so emotional, I put my phone down while it was still filming but luckily the people on our table were so kind that one of the them quickly continued filming from my phone. 


You are officially a National Diversity Award Winner! Moving forward, how will you utilise this to further leverage your cause?

Since winning my award, I hope to get involved in more speaking opportunities and help my talent to also find work speaking. As a founder & ceo of my new business that helps people with differences, disabilities & disfigurement find work in acting, modelling & speaking, I want to use my accolade to propel my business to become the new diverse, inclusive talent agency.


What were your thoughts on the National Diversity Awards Ceremony?

Prior to winning an award, I always thought there were so many people applying for a NDA that I would have no chance of ever being shortlisted let alone winning an award. 


Nominations for the National Diversity Awards 2024 are due to open early next year! What advice would you give to others who are thinking of entering the awards?

I would encourage everyone to enter the awards because I was put forward 3 times and eventually won an award. Keep trying and believe in yourself.


Did receiving the award benefit you in anyway? If so, how?

The award has benefited me in ways that people have great faith in me and I’m now receiving more speaking opportunities and people offering me their services for free eg business mentoring.


What have been up to since September, any exciting developments you would like to tell our audience about?

Since September, I took on new admin to Love Disfigure Talent Agency and Polly created a new inclusive website along with updating my socials. I’ve also recently walked London Fashion Week for London Represents, one of the most inclusive fashion shows around. 


Why do you think it is important to recognise role models and community organisations from underrepresented communities for their work?

It’s so important to recognise role models from under represented groups like mine because we need to be seen and heard.  Receiving awards like NDA gives us more opportunities to share our voices with society so we become a more inclusive & diverse community